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November 4, 2012
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:bulletred:SwitzerlandXShy!Blind!Reader - New Hope [Oneshot]:bulletred:

"Where ya going? Huh?"

A group of teenagers were standing in front of you. Your seeing eye dog was growling at them. You stood there speechless as the dog tried to protect you.

"Aw...Getting your mutt to protect you..." The boy laughed and kicked the dog.

You gasped at the sound of your dog whimpering, "(Dog Name Here)!" You bent down and held your dog as tears started to form in his eyes. It has always been like this. Being bullied and picked on was your life. The only friend you had was your seeing eye dog (Dog Name Here). If you weren't blind you could have made friends by now. You honestly hated your life.

"Now shes gonna cry! Boo-Hoo Hoo!" One of the boys said.

You heard a sound of a switch blade opening. Your dog noticed this and tries to pull you away.

"Hehe..." The boy grabbed your wrist. You were about to let out a scream but an unfamiliar voice spoke up.

"Hey! Leave that girl alone!"

The group of teenagers disband. You were confused as you looked around blindly with your dog licking you in the face. You petted (him/her).

"Excuse me...Um Are you alright?"

"A-Ah...Y-Yes..." A blush came to your face as you felt warm hands on yours.

"That was disrespectful...How could they pick on such a lovely lady..."

'Lovely?' You questioned yourself.

"I-It's alright...I'm use to it..."

"No, it's not alright! They should show more adult like manners toward a young lady like yourself!"

"Th-Thanks..." You turned your head away from the source of the sound. This was the first time somebody said such nice words. you wish you could see his face. The next thing you know you feel your dog's tail wagging against your leg.

"Your dog is cute...What's its name?"

"(His/her) name is (Dog Name Here)."

"(Dog Name Here) huh? It fits (Him/her)..."

"Hahaha...Yes...Um...Excuse me please. I was working on going to the store..." You tighten the grip on your dog's leash.

"Ah...Right...Want me to come along?"

"I-If you want..." You lowered your voice and started walking. It was rather quiet and it made you think that no one was following you. This made you rather depressed as you let out a sigh.

"Something wrong?" The voice asked. You jumped, not expecting him to say something.

"Oh...Nothing is wrong...I just thought you didn't follow me because on how quiet it was."

"Oh. Haha yea. I do get that a lot."

"What do you mean..?" You couldn't help but to ask.

"I have always kept to myself..."

"Same here..." You sadly sighed. The depressing atmosphere came hovering back.


After you had got your things from the story, the stranger suggested that he carried your stuff. So now you are walking home with a stranger. You felt weird all over. Nobody has ever came over to your house or even asked to carry your stuff. Your dog barked telling you that you are at the house.

"Okay you can leave the stuff here on the porch."

"You sure?" He asked.

"Yea," You heard the bags being laid down. A blush came to your cheeks at a thought. You wanted to give him something, but you didn't know what. Then a thought came to you, "A-Ah...Could you close your eyes?"


"Are they closed?" You nervously asked.


With unsteady hands you manage to place a hand on the man's cheek. You readied your lips as you aim for his other cheek. A soft feeling came in contact. It wasn't the feeling of skin under your lips. You had kissed him without meaning to, "A-Ah...I'm sorry!" You pulled away and hurriedly went to open the door.

"It's alright..." The guy sounded a bit surprised. You dreaded your life now. The next thing you know you felt arms wrap around you, "I'm glad I meet you today...My name is Vash by the way."
A Request By :iconfigglstuph: Hope You Like It!

Switzerland Belongs To The Creator Of Hetalia
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