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Chapter 4[Lemon]

I walked in the restaurant still holding Finland's hand. I lead him to a table next to a window. The stars were out and I thought it would be more romantic as we eat. We sat down waiting for the waitress to come take our order.



"This restaurant..."

"Oh, yea it is."

Finally a waitress walks over, smiling.

"What can I get you both?"

We told her what we wanted.

"Would that be all?"

I nodded.

"Tonight is a special night and we are having a free wine giving to each of the guest. Are you both interested?"

"Sure," Finland said.

I nodded again.

"Be right back with your meal," The waitress said as she bowed and left.

"She seems nice"

"Not as nice as you..." I said, looking at Finland.

I saw a blush on his face. This made me smile to myself. Then Finland looks at the table with a troubled expression.

"Hm..? Something the mater..?" I questioned.

"A-Ah no n-not at all!"

I tilted my head. I saw him bite his lip. Something must be wrong...He closed his eyes and I sighed.

"Here's your food!" The waitress walked over and placed the plates in front of us, "I will be back with the wine."


"Thank you."

The waitress smiled and left. We started to eat. It was all quiet until the waitress came back with our drinks.

"Here's the wine~ Enjoy yourselves and have a good evening," She said cheerfully.

I nodded at her, and I noticed that the waitress smiled oh so sweetly to Finland. So...She was trying to hit on him...Finland is mine...I didn't noticed that the waitress left until Finland said something.

"Something wrong Sweden?"


I took a big swallow of the wine and started to eat once again.


Finland was drunk, and I was helping him to the car.

"Sweden~" Finland said seductively.

"Hm?" I blushed.

"You know how you want a baby?"

Finland was smiling at me. I was currently going through a baby boom. So he knows about my desire to have one. I helped him into the car and buckles him up. He is just so cute when he is drunk...

"We should have one~"

I felt him kiss me, and I blushed at the feeling.

Pulling away I said, "N-not out here..."

Finland crossed his arms and pouted, "Why not?"

Please don't make that face Finland...

I closed the door and walked away to get in the driver's seat. I heard Finland sigh. I started to drive and thought about staying with Finland for the night. I don't trust him being alone...He is rather clumsy...



"Do you want a baby~?"

I couldn't lie...I really did want one. So I nodded.

"Then we should try~"

Okay...He is really drunk...

"Please Sweden?"

I glanced over to see him making puppy eyes at me. Man...

"Yea...I guess."


I bet he will pass out as soon as I lay him on the bed...It's okay to play along right? He sounded so happy...


Finland was humming happily when I drove into his driveway. I got out and walked over. Finland got out and hugged me tightly. I closed Finland's door and lead him into the house. Once the door was closed, Finland kissed me.

"Mmmm..." I closed my eyes not knowing what I should do.

He licked the bottom of my lip...My mind was getting hazy...I opened my mouth and met his tongue half way. I slowly explored his mouth. He tasted of the wine we had.


I should stop but...

I placed a hand on his head and deepened the kiss more. There was no resisting anymore...I picked him up and went up to his bedroom. Once I walked in, I laid him down. Finland giggled and started to tug on my tie. I smiled at him as I removed my jacket. Finland helped me by unbuttoning my shirt. I kissed him and started to undress Finland.

Soon we both was in our boxers, and I was laying beside him. I was kissing Finland when I felt a hand rub against my harden member.

"Seems your excited~"

I felt myself grow harder...It was getting painful...


"Yes?" Finland replied.

I hovered over Finland and gently nibbles on his already hard nipple.


I looked up at his face and it was completely full of pleasure. I bit down and felt his whole body jerk.

"That hurts Sweden!"


I curiously took off his boxers and looked down at it. Finland was squirming under me. I grabbed onto it, licking the tip. His hips jump in response. I fully took in the head and started to lick and suck on it.


I continued on pleasuring him.


I pulled away and sat beside him, pulling off my boxers.

"Do...You want to lick me..?"

"Hehe~ Sure"

"It would...hurt less that way..."

Finland rolled over on his stomach and looked at it. I blushed. His face was filled with so much lust...He grabbed it and began to lick it. I closed an eye.


Finland took all that he could in his mouth and sucked, hard. This made me bite my lip.


I placed a hand on top of his head, "I-I think that's enough..."

He pulled away, looking up at me. I smiled at him. I pulled him in my lap and kissed him.

Rubbing his sides, I asked, "Are you ready..?"

I received a nod and slowly began to push in. He was so tight...


I managed to slowly push all the way in.

"It hurts..." Finland cried out.

"S-Should I stop..?" I asked.

He shook his head, "No...Just give me a moment..."


I rubbed his cheek and he breathed out.


He opened his eyes and looked at me in the eyes, "Okay...You can move..."

I couldn't wait anymore...I grabbed onto his hips and immediately started to thrust in and out.


I closed my eyes and kissed Finland with all my might.


Our tongues went to war as my thrusts got rougher. Finland moved his hips along with mine. We couldn't hold back our moans any longer.


I thrust passed that one special spot. Finland's breathing got a bit rougher. So I found it...I continued to pound into him, rubbing that spot.


"Finland...I'm almost..."

"M-Me too..."

I shoved all the way in throwing my head back, releasing all my desires. He tightened around me as he came. We both were breathing rather heavy.

"We...Should go to bed..." I suggested.

Finland nods and pulled away. We both got under the covers. I held him close.

Me and Finland...We are finally one...


I was still very worn out from last night...So I slept like a rock.


I rolled over and slowly opened my eyes. What I saw was a blushing, surprised Finland.
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:iconhetaliajapan: Is Writing In Finland's POV.
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Sweden, Finland Belongs To The Creator Of Hetalia
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