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Chapter 12

--Romano's POV--

Romano woke up to an empty bed the next morning. At first he was confused but remembered that he was at Spain's house.

"Mmmm..." He sat up, feeling very sore, "Ow..." Romano rubbed his lower back as he got up to find his pants. He picked it up and slide them on. This was when he smelt food. It made his stomach growl.

'Oh...Spain must be cooking breakfast...' He held his stomach and walked out the bedroom and to the kitchen. There was Spain...naked... with only an apron on. He rubbed his eyes. Spain turned around and gave him a big smile.

"Good Morning~"

"Good Morning..."

"Breakfast is almost done~"

Romano sat down and looked at his lap, trying to hide the blush that came to his face, "O-Okay..."

Spain walked over and placed a plate in front of him.

"Grazie," Romano said as he picked up the fork and started eating. Spain sat beside him watching him eat.

"So...What are you going to say to Italy?" The Spaniard questioned.

"I'll tell him I spent the night..."

"I see..." Spain smiled, "Being the spacey type I think he will believe it~"


"You know..." Spain's face soften up, "I would love it if you moved in~"

This made Romano look at him, "R-Really..?"

The Spaniard nodded, "It would be fun!"

Romano smiled, "Okay..."

Spain pulled him into a tight hug.

"C-Can't breath..."

"Oh sorry! Hahaha..." Spain loosened the grip and lightly pressed his lips to Romano's.


Romano just got home and was meant with a happy smile.

"Congratulations Fratello!"


"On you and Spain," Italy tiled his head, "Spain called me a few minutes ago telling me everything..."

Romano's face lit up, "H-He did..?"

Italy laughed and nodded, "It's really good timing though. I was planning on moving in with Germany soon~"


"I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later~" Italy grabbed Romano's hand and lead him to the bedroom, "Come on lets get your things packed~"


"Don't worry about me. I'm happy for you! I knew you liked Spain so I was trying to help out a bit to make you realize your feelings. You were pretending to hate him. When he pats you on the head or when he brings tomatoes your eyes always lit up with happiness! You may act tough fratello...but deep down you are really sensitive..." Italy smiled.

Romano hugged Italy as he let the tears take over, "Why does he have to be the one that raped me..."

"Because he was the first person that cared for you..." Italy hugged back.
Thanks For Sticking With The Story 'Til The End!

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Spain, Romano Belongs To The Creator Of Hetalia
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but overall I liked the story~^w^ :love:

((Poor Romano got raped....:icontuzkicryplz: why is pirate spain so cruel? makes sense but I never understood how he could have been such a mean guy when he's so happy and oblivious))
Aw thanks. Yea I guess I could agree with you on it went abit fast but thats how me and my friend roleplayed it out :)
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