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Chapter 11

--Spain's POV--

Spain was in the kitchen cooking for the Romano. He wanted to impress him. To prove that he changed from that awful person he once was. Spain stirred the chocolate to make it thick. Once he heard the door bell ring he walked over, still holding the spoon. He opened the door and sure enough, Romano was there.

"Ciao Romano! I was just making fudge~"


Spain moved out the way so that Romano could walk in. As he did, a few of the chocolate dough fell on his hand. He licked it up and saw that Romano looked a bit surprised. The Italian walked in, blushing. Spain closed the door behind him and walked into the kitchen. He continued to lick his hand as he places the pan into the oven, "It's baking right now~"

Romano curiously looks up at Spain. He was about to say something, but the Spaniard interrupted him, "You want to help me lick the bowl?"

"S-Sure..." He hesitantly runs his fingers threw it and licks the dough off his fingers. Romano couldn't help but to blush. This went on few a few minutes until all the chocolate were gone.

"It's good yea~" Spain asked. Romano nodded in replied. The bowl and spoon was thrown in the sink, "I guess we can talk in the meantime until the fudge is done..."



Spain pulled out the fudge, "It's done~"

Romano smiled, "Okay."

The Spaniard placed the fudge onto a plate, after cutting it into squares. He picks the plate up and walks over to the table, sitting by Romano. The Italian looked over at him and blushed when he saw that Spain was holding out a fudge square to his mouth, "Wh-What are you doing?!"

"I want to feed you~" Spain happily replied.

"I can do it myself!" Romano looked away.

"But..." A hint of sadness came to Spain's voice.

Romano looked over and sighed, "Fine..." He opened his mouth and closed his eyes, trying not to seem embarrassed. Spain placed part of the fudge in his mouth and watched as Romano chewed and swallowed it, "It's delicious..."

Spain smiled brightly, "Thats good!"

Nervously, Romano picked up a fudge square and held it to the Spaniard's mouth. Spain gladly accepted it and closed his mouth onto the fudge, catching Romano's finger with his lips. Romano looked away, blushing.

"I want to feed you one more time~" With the other half of the fudge he was holding, he placed it in his own mouth and waited before he pressed his lips onto Romano's.


Spain pushed the half eaten fudge into his mouth and waited before he explored his mouth. Romano closed his eyes half way, melting into the kiss. He deepened the kiss and Romano joined in, hesitantly. Spain pulled away and noticed that Romano's face was red as a tomato. He chuckled, "I'm surprised you didn't smack me..."

Romano looked into Spain's green eyes, "Didn't want too..."

Spain blushed, "You did when I pulled this..." He lightly flicked the curl, causing Romano to stiffen up.

"Th-That's different..."

He gripped onto the curl and lightly pulls it, kissing him. Romano couldn't help but to let out a moan into his mouth. Spain pulled away and whispered into the Italian's ear, "Do you want to take this to the bedroom..?"

Romano slowly nodded, not sure what to do. Spain got up and grabbed Romano's hand, leading him to the bedroom. Now in the bedroom Spain sat down and Romano got in his lap.

"Is this position fine?" Spain asked, receiving yet another nod from the Italian, "Making sure."

They soon exchanged wet kisses once again. Romano followed Spain's lead as they began to undress each other. The Spaniard nibbled on Romano's neck, making him moan.


"Hm?" Spain slide off his jacket and shirt.

"Th-There's...something I want-!" Romano was cut off by a wave of pleasure. Spain just pressed his lips to one of Romano's nipples.

"What did you want?" Spain asked, unzipping Romano's Pants.

"T-To tell you something..." Romano blushed. Spain looked at Romano's serious face, "I..I love you Spain..." He crashed his lips into Spain's and tightly wrapped his arms around his neck. Spain kissed back with just as must force, making his feelings known.

"I love you too Romano...I have always did...Ever since I found out that you were that little boy...It has always bothered me..."

Romano looked at him with wide golden eyes. Tears began to fall from his eyes, "Y-You did?"

"Really..." Spain smiled and wiped the tears away, "Why would I lie to you?

"You idiot!" Romano took Spain's shirt off and lightly kissed his collar bone. Spain shivered and slide off the Italian's pants and boxers, leaving Romano fully naked now. Spain laid Romano down flat and took off his pants. The Italian's face lit up a deep shade of red as he look down at Spain's harden member, "Damn...It's bigger..."

"What was that?"


Spain hovered over him and lifted up his chin to make him look at him, "Are you ready..?"

"Don't ask me that!" Romano gripped the sheets, "Of course I'm ready..."

Spain smiled and grabs onto his hips as he slowly push in.


"I can already feel you tightening up..." Spain breathed.

"I-I can't help it..!"

He manage to fit all the way in and carefully moves in and out. Romano closed his eyes tightly as the pain shoots through his lower back. The Spaniard tried to distract him with kisses and light touches. Romano then began to squirm under the Spaniard as the pain turned into pleasure. Spain took this as a sign to go faster. Which he did, causing Romano to moan out louder then he meant to.

"Oh...God Spain!" Romano followed Spain's movements and soon felt his own orgasm coming, "I'm almost..."

"Me too!" Spain picked up the pace. The pleasure clouded his mind as he moaned out Romano's name in his strong Spanish accent. He released everything into the little Italian. Romano's hips bucked at the sudden impact within him. He felt strong hands wrap around his member, making him cum soon after. Romano went limp and breathed heavy. Spain groaned as he pulled out, laying next to his lover, "That was rather exciting..." He said, sounding a bit tired.


"We should get to bed..." Spain pulled Romano close. They both closed their eyes and slept with a smile on their faces.
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Spain, Romano Belongs To The Creator Of Hetalia
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nameIDC Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012
I really like your story. but it really was strange to me how Romano did sex even after he was raped by Spain. many people who got raped are usually afraid from sex and any touch or something that makes them think about what happen to them. even smell and getting close to the place they was raped in, not to talk about the person they were raped by. so it really is strange.
tlbawesome Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
My thought exactly but well you hafta change real life for stories sometimes
eh..well I guess I understand but Romano wanted it you know. He was hiding his feelings through the whole thing. He kept denying but soon he realizes that he loves him. Make any sense? But anyway I'm glad you like it! I'm really happy that many ppl liked this
nameIDC Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012
even with love and trying to hide it it's really hard. it was more normal if he would've showed to Spain he was afraid -because- he now love him.
ah..thanks i will take it in consideration. :)
nameIDC Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012
you're welcome :iconcatderpplz:
PastaForItaly Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
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