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Chapter 9

--Spain's POV--

Now at Spain's apartment, the Italians looked around.  Romano had a pained look on his face as he rubbed his wrist. It seems they are hurting him. Spain walked over to a box that wasn't fully unpacked. He pulls out a tube of medicine, "Romano..?"

"Hm..?" Romano looked over, ""

"I have some medicine to help with the burns..."

"O-Okay..." Romano looks at the tube.

"Please hold out your wrist," Spain smiled. Romano nodded shyly and held out his wrist. The Spaniard then began to apply the medicine. Italy smiled as he watched.

--Romano's POV--

The medicine was rather cold against his wounds but it felt good. Spain was so gentle. It made Romano blush. The Spaniard removed his hands, "Does it feel better?"

"Grazie," Romano smiled.

"Romano your face is red~" Italy beamed.

"S-Shut up!"

Spain and Italy laughed while the older Italian face palmed.

"Well I better start cooking now~" Spain got up, smiling.

Romano puffed out his cheeks, "You better..." As soon as he said this his belly growled, causing Romano to lower his head in embarrassment.

"Vee~ I shall help!" Italy jumped up and walked over to Spain.

"Sure! Two is better then one after all!"

The two went into the kitchen, leaving Romano alone in the living room. He sat down on the couch, sighing to himself.

'Why am I getting so flustered..? I will never forgive Spain...Not now, not ever...'


"Perfecto! It's done!" Italy jumped around happily.

"Si!" Spain walked into the living room holding a pot. Romano looked up and smelt the food, which made his face light up. He placed the pot onto the coffee table and removed the lip, "Tada! Pasta~!"

Romano looked into the pot and his face seemed happy. Spain smiled at this, "Dig in!"

Spain handed everyone a plate and forks. Italy was the first to fill his plate then Romano was the second, leaving Spain last.

"Grazie..." Romano blushed. Spain laughed and patted his head, causing Romano to growl at him. Italy smiled.


They ate ever last bit of pasta. Romano laid back and sighed happily.

"So...Any of you tired?" Spain asked.

"Si," Italy stretched. Romano nodded.

"Alright. You both can sleep in my bed while I sleep on the couch."

Italy tilted his head a little, "Are you sure? I can sleep on the couch while you and Romano sleep together."

Romano tensed up at this. The Spaniard looked over and his face soften a bit, "Yea, It's alright. If I can't get comfortable on the couch then I will make a bed on the floor."
"Okay," Italy smiled. Romano looked away to hide his blushing face.

'Why am I blushing..? I don't want to sleep with that tomato loving bastardo...'

"Well then lets clean up and get ready for bed!" Spain picked up the pot and heads to the kitchen. Italy grabbed the plates along with the forks and followed. This made Romano puff out his cheeks.

'They left me with nothing...What am I suppose to do...'

A few moments went by and Spain walked in the living room. He was holding blankets and some pillows. Romano looked up with half closed eyes.

"The bed is ready," Spain smiled.

"Buonanotte..." Romano lazily got up and headed for the bedroom.


It was midnight and Romano couldn't sleep. He decided to get up, slowly and walked to the living room. Spain was laid out on the floor with the covers only covering his bottom half. Romano blushed a little at his sleeping face. He got down beside him and he froze when he heard Spain breath out. When everything was clear, Romano hugged onto his arm and snuggled close.

'He is so warm...'

Romano blushed and soon dozed off to sleep.
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