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Chapter 5

--Romano's POV--

A few weeks have passed since Spain moved in. Italy was reading a book.

"This book...It's hard to understand..." Italy complained.

"What did you expect? The potato loving bastard gave it to you." Romano commented. The small Italian frowned.

"You're always mean to him..."

Italy sighed and closed the book. Spain came through the door, "I'm back~ Guess what. I got my first pay check today~!"

"Really?" Italy asked with wide eyes.

Spain showed them the check, "Mmhm!"

"That's fantastico!" Italy cheered.

"Good...You'll get to leave quickly..." Romano butted in.

Spain frowned at this, "Well I guess..."

Italy looked at Romano sadly then back at the Spaniard, "Have you gotten use to life here?"

"Very much! All the people here are so nice."

This made Italy smiled.

--Spain's POV--

Spain watched Romano head for the kitchen. He notices that he does this when Romano is angry. The Spaniard felt a bit of sadness. He tried everything to become friends with him. Romano would just shove him away or ignore him all together. Maybe he needs a different approach? Romano then came back into the living room holding a tomato.

'Ahh! That's it! Romano loves tomatoes! I should buy some for him tomorrow,' Spain thought.

Spain smiled at Romano once he noticed he was staring at him. Romano just rolled his eyes.

"I wish we can be friends Romano..."

"I have no interest in getting along with you..." Romano said coldly as he continue to walk away.

"Romano..?" Spain reached out and grabbed his arm.

Romano eyes widen and he looked down at the Spaniard's hand. The Italian then slapped his hand away, "Don't touch me!"

"I'm sorry?"


"Just leave me alone!" Romano ran to his room.

"I tried to be friends with him..."

"Haha...Just be patient with him. He's nice when he wants to be."
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Spain, Romano, Italy Belongs To The Creator Of Hetalia
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Aw I'm glad you like it! Whenever I get home I will try to type it (lazy person is lazy) /'D
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chapter is up
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It's gonna be long don't worry xD
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