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Chapter 4

--Spain's POV--

The smell of pasta filled the air as the shirtless Spaniard walked down the stair to the source.

"It smells good..."

Spain smiles as Romano looked at him. He turned his head away, "Veneziano will be back soon.."

"I see..."

Romano fixed two plates and set them on the table, "Eat..."

"Oh Thank you!"

Spain took a seat and started eating.

"Yea...Yea..." Romano said not sounding happy. He sat in front of Spain and ate quickly.

"I don't really remember anything that could upset you unless you got mad at me for yelling at you for being on my ship."

Romano glares at Spain, "You're really good at pretending."


Spain shrugged it off and continued eating. It got quiet again. Romano sighed as he got up. Spain looked up at him. Romano started to wash the dishes. The Spaniard got up and walked over with his plate.

"Want me to help?"

"I don't care..."

Spain helped rinse the dishes and put them in the tray. Once they were done they dried off their hands. This was about the time when Italy came running in.

"I'm back!"

"welcome home Veneziano..."

Spain looked at Italy. The Italian smiled.

"Did you two get along well?"

"I guess you can say we got along..." Spain replied as Romano glared at Italy.


"Thanks again for letting me stay!"

"Your welcome~"

"Hm...So is it really alright for me to stay here?"

"Si," The Italian replied happily.

Romano didn't take this very well, so he left the kitchen. The Spaniard sighed as he watched him leave.

"Did you make him mad?" Questioned Italy.

"I don't remember anything that I have done to make him mad..."

"Then he must be mad about something else," Replied the Italian.

Spain smiled, "I hope your right."
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Spain, Romano, Italy Belongs To The Creator Of Hetalia
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