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Chapter 3

--Spain's POV--

One night Spain returned back to the town. He was running down the hall of his ship trying to get away from the fire. There was so much smoke, so it was hard to hold his breath long. Once he got up to the deck he ordered all the crew members to leave. Smoke flies into the air as the fire grew bigger. The crew saw the fire that was coming from below and they stopped in their tracks. They all ran off the ship like a herd of buffaloes.

--Romano's POV--

Romano was eating a tomato when Italy walked over.


"Hm?" He lazily replied.

"I'm going to spend the night with Germany~ Will you be okay here by yourself?"

"Don't treat me like I'm a little kid!"

"I'm sorry..."

Romano sighed, "Go ahead, I'll be fine."

"Okay. See ya later fratello!" Italy said leaving for the door.

--Spain's POV--

Spain was walking around weakly, trying to catch his breath. He lost his crew members during the scatter. Everyone went their own way, so he was now alone. He saw a bench by a store window. He bet he looks stupid to the people working there. Soon Spain was thrown in a series of coughing fits.

"Are you okay?" A voice said.

"Hm?" Spain looked up to see a rather small man, "I just inhaled some smoke..."

"Want me to take you to a hospital?"

"I'm fine..."

"You sure?" Questioned the small man.

"Yea. I just need some rest..."

"Want me to help you to your house?"

Spain just laughed at this. He knew he was stuck for the time being without a job. The boy tilted his head a little at the sudden laugh.

"What's so funny? I want to laugh too~" He smiled.

"I'm currently homeless..." Spain replied, rubbing his eyes.

"Oh..." The boy's smiled disappeared, "Then you can stay with me and my fratello~" He said sounding happy once again.

"I see...Thank you..."

"I won't be there tonight, but my fratello will be there~"

"sorry to burden you about this. I will leave as soon as I feel better."

The young man shook his head, "No, you can stay as long as you need to."

Spain nodded and smiled weakly.

"Come on~ Lets get going."

The boy helped Spain up and they walked down the road together.

"So what's your name? I'm Italy~"

"I'm Spain..."

"Well it's nice to meet you," Italy smiles.



Once they both arrived at Italy's house, Italy opened the door.

"I thought you were going to Germany's house..." The brown-head man said.

"I am but he needs a place to stay," Italy walked over.

Spain was met with golden eyes. They widened.


"Your...your the one from a few weeks ago..." Spain commented.

"You know each other? That's fantastic!" Beamed Italy.

The man growls, "No, It's not fantastic!"

Spain's eyes narrowed.

"Don't mind him, he always has a bad temper."

"No I don't!"

Spain sighed.

"Well, I'm going now. See ya tomorrow fratello."

"See ya..."

--Romano's POV--

'Why of all times? I don't want to take care of this bastard...' Romano thought crossing his arms, 'Maybe if I ignore him he will go away...'

There was a silence in the air. Romano looked at Spain. He was never going to forgive him. The Spaniard fell to his knees, coughing.

"You okay..." Romano asked, not sounding concerned.

"I inhaled alot of smoke when my ship caught fire..."


"I would like to take a bath...Where is the bathroom?"

"Upstairs, last door on the left..."

Spain got up from the floor, and headed up the stairs.

'Fucking bastardo. I bet he's just pretending to not remember me...'


Romano was awoke by the door opening. Spain walked in without his shirt.


The Italian looked to see who walked in. 'Oh hell...It's him...I bet he wants to rape me again...'

"I don't know where to sleep..."

"...There's a room across the hall...It's my brother's room..."

"Okay...Good night..."

'So...He is acting as the good guy now...' Romano thought as he fell back asleep.
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Spain, Romano, Italy Belongs To The Creator Of Hetalia
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