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August 13, 2012
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A few years later you and Prussia have been living with each other. You had a baby girl with white hair and [e/c] eyes. She acts just like Prussia almost.

As you watch ___ and Prussia play together you thought about the time when you both first met. It wasn't one you would expect to happen, but it happen. Prussia always knew when you went into "Heat" and tried to relieve you every time. Of course Prussia wore protection. It's not that you didn't mind having kids with him. You was worried about the kids growing up like him. Not in a bad way that is, but really who needs more kids screaming 'I'm Awesome!' all day. You got that enough from Prussia as is.

Startled from thoughts, you looked up to see two pair of eyes staring at you.

"Mommy! Come play vith us!" The little girl said while pulling on your arm.

"Kesese~! ____ is it!"

They both scattered. You sighed and got up from the chair you was sitting in.

"Here I go!" You shouted.

It's gonna be a long day...You just know it will be.
After Story~

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3 [Lemon][Final]: [link]
Extra: You Are Here

Picture Belongs To The Rightful Owner. I Found It On Photobucket. If Its Someone On Here Then Please Tell Me So I Can Give Proper Credit.
Prussia Belongs To The Creator Of Hetalia
:iconsexyprussiaplz: Still Owns You
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right? xD
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